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the great LUKE SKI: What a Rip Off! Vol. 1 (sealed)


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the great Luke Ski: What a Rip Off! Vol. 1. Gnome Productions, 2008.
Audio CD, 1 disc.
Factory Sealed.

"Dementia Revolution" internet show opening theme song 2008 03:43
WAR!V1 Narration Track #1 00:57
You Might Be A Trekkie (Live at MarsCon 2006) 05:24
Man From Dunder 03:56
I Love You, TiVo (A Capella Mix) 04:54
Quark's New Merchandising Enterprise (Live at CONvergence 2007) 04:37
WAR!V1 Narration Track #2 00:36
Theme From The Dork Of The Rings 03:23
Love Theme From Mystery Spatula Theatre 11 01:21
WAR!V1 Narration Track #3 01:11
Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden? 02:34
Preconceptions News Entertainment Report 03:35
WAR!V1 Narration Track #4 00:35
Stone Cold Steve Austin Powers International Man Of Mystery 00:07
The Give Lindsay Lohan A Sammich Foundation 03:23
WAR!V1 Narration Track #5 00:33
Possible Oscar, featuring the great Luke Ski, Sudden Death, & Wyngarde - Earn Hollywood Earn 03:06
Carrie Dahlby & the great Luke Ski - Fight Club: The Musical! 06:18
Worm Quartet, featuring the great Luke Ski - Your Bird Smells 02:15
the great Luke Ski & Worm Quartet - Spider-Crotch 02:53
the great Luke Ski & Worm Quartet - Spider-Crotch: The Prequel 00:17
Unexplained Outtakes 05:15
Explained Outtakes 15:24

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