Neutral Good Books...Old Ones Welcome.

I have a deep respect and passion for the common paperback.
They are important to me as object and, at times, even outweigh the incredible words and imagery contained between their wrappers.
They are rooted deep in nostalgia for me and command my time, attention and creativity in order to find and place them in the hands of collectors, readers and other odd folk of the paperback.
Neutral Good Books began in Colorado, November 2013 as way for me to explore my obsession for paperback books, my passion for Sci-Fi / Fantasy with the intent to ultimately open a used book store and share all those things with other like minded folks.
Unknowingly, this began an apprenticeship in a trade I hadn't realized existed.

My bookselling education truly began in early 2017 after reading Greg Gibson's specialty dealer speech that he gave at the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar (CABS) in 2009.
The speech entitled 'Don't Do It' is a personal account and cautionary tale of Greg's 40+ years in the book trade.
I was compelled to reach out to Greg and introduce myself and to thank him for the inspiration and guidance I had found within his words.
He wrote back and in part his response was that if I hadn't already done so that I 'Need to attend CABS'.
And so that summer I attended CABS has been the singular best thing I have done since beginning this journey.
I am grateful to those fine booksellers who showed me the path and shared their knowledge.

In 2020 Neutral Good Books traded the high country for lake country and relocated to Detroit Lakes, MN.
Currently, in search of a modest space to peddle my wares.



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