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Stern, Steven H.. Mazes and Monsters. Distributed by Edde Entertainment Home Video, 1992-1995.
VHS, 74:00 run time, General Audiences.

Paper Slipcase: Good luster, spot of de-lamination to lower front panel; wear to edges and corners; overall clean and structurally sound.
Cassette: Paper label; cassette clean and in working order.

Panned and highly criticized, this made for tv movie is seriously not as bad as a lot of people make it out to be, albeit not great, still not the worst cinematic offense to the gaming community.
If you were playing D&D in 1982 there just wasn't a lot, if any, D&D related material for you to watch. Hell, the D&D cartoon wasn't available until the fall 1983. So you watched what you were given and for better or worse, in December of 1982 on CBS it happened to be Mazes and Monsters.
Not unlike the Star Wars Christmas Special which is mostly hailed as the worst thing ever to be 'Star Wars'. But, if you were a tweener, Star Wars junky in 1978 it just didn't seem to be all that bad, though I do admit I was a bit confused by the whole thing. Nevertheless, it was Star Wars and that's all the really mattered at the time.
In my mind the same thing applies to Mazes and Monsters, at the time it's what we had. When life gives you 'The Satanic Panic', Dallas Eggbert III and Rona Jaffe, you get a schlocky made for tv movie released during Christmas break called Mazes and Monsters...and you're grateful for it.
Mazes and Monsters airs and is mostly forgotten about, kept alive on VHS, then to dvd and just recently for its 40th anniversary released on blu-ray.
So everyone hates it, meh, I still like it.
There's just something about that scene where the players are introducing their characters...

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