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IF: 1967 Complete Year (12 issues)


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A complete 1967 Worlds of IF set in overall Very Good condition, with the March issue being Near Fine.
Titles are clean without markings, solid with tight bindings, no tears to note and are mildew and smoke free.

1967 would prove to be another year where under Frederik Pohl's editorship IF would win the Hugo for Best Professional Magazine, its second in a three year winning streak between 1966-1968 beating out:
Analog Science Fiction and Fact ed. by John W. Campbell, Jr.,
The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction ed. by Edward L. Ferman,
Galaxy ed. by H. L. Gold,
and New Worlds ed. by Michael Moorcock.

Notable Issues:

Larry Niven 'The Soft Weapon'.
Harlan Ellison 'I Have No Mouth and Must Scream', 1968 Hugo Best Short Story.
Roger Zeleznay 'This Mortal Mountain'.
Larry Niven 'Flatlander'.
A. Bertram Chandler 'The Road to the Rim', part of the minor cycle of Johns Grimes: Survey Service.
Samuel R. Delany 'Driftglass'.
Philip Jose Farmer 'The Felled Star' [Riverworld].
James Blish 'Aleph-Null', later expand upon to novel length as 'Black Easter'.
J.G. Ballard 'Venus Smile'.
Philip Jose Farmer 'A Bowl Bigger Than Earth'.
Philip Jose Farmer 'The Shadow of Space'.

A cover and a goodly number of interiors works by Vaughn Bodé (a personal favorite) plus a few by the venerable and incomparable Virgil Finlay.

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