the great LUKE SKI: Uber Geek - CD (sealed): Gnome Production, 2002


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the great Luke Ski. Uber Geek. Gnome Production, 2002.

Audio CD, 1 disc.

Plastic Jewel Case: Factory Sealed; Fine

"Uber Geek" is the long awaited 4th album by "the great Luke Ski", one of the young stars of "The Dr. Demento Show".
This album, full of parodies of rap and pop music, pokes fun at various aspects of fandom, a subject which Luke knows quite a lot about. (Bandcamp)

Released April 26, 2002


Whimsical Will - A Shady Public Service Announcement 00:51
My Name Is Al Bundy 04:06
Fanboy 04:13
Studio Time 00:47
Use The Force 04:15
In The Line Again 02:28
Luke Ski Vs. Sudden Death 02:56
Sudden Death, featuring the great Luke Ski - Frat Boys 05:44
Monty's Idea 00:27
the great Luke Ski, featuring Sudden Death - Peter Parker 03:21
My Default Voice 00:58
Bender Roboto 04:37
Theme From Ash 01:10
the great Luke Ski, featuring Chemele - Wannabe A Slayer 02:49
The Fannish Exposition 00:30
I Am A Vamp Of Constant Sorrow 03:05
I Didn't Expect 00:23
Who Let The Frog Out? 03:09
Keanu Man 04:31
Grant Baciocco of "Throwing Toasters" - Obvious By My Absence 00:48
C'mon Ride The Bus 04:14
the great Luke Ski & Tony Goldmark - The Sign Of A True D-Fan (Uncut Mix) 07:36
It's A Fanboy Christmas 09:53
Art Paul Schlosser - A Bizaar Ending 00:39