PUKE n' SNOT: HERE, HOLD THIS - VHS: Round Table Productions 2001


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Round Table Productions. Puke n’ Snot: Here, Hold This. 2001.

VHS, 25:00 run time, Not Rated.

Paper Slipcase: Very light surface wear to covers; overall sound and clean; Fine.

Cassette: Paper label; cassette clean.

Playback: Fine.

Sound: Some light static in the audio but overall clear; Very Good.

The first release by Puke n’ Snot, ‘HERE, HOLD THIS’, features the best of the classic P & S sketches.

Shot within a closed stage (no audience, not at Ren Fest) the boys run through a few of their classic sketches that you may have seen at a Renaissance Festival.



I'd Like to Buy an Eye.

Sure Would. Sherwood.

The Bullfighter


Puke & Snot's tribute to Abbot & Costello’s ‘Who's on First’.